When the coolant level is low, the ECM (Engine Control Module) will log DTC P2560.


Our 2015-2021 black coolant reservoir tank cover is designed to improve the appearance of your engine bay, covering the factory white coolant tank, leaving you with a factory finish look under the hood. .

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The radiator cap is designed to allow access to fluids in a.

Your vehicle’s cooling system truly is an amazing piece of engineering that’s been carefully designed to be efficient and effective at what it does. The flakes are non metallic and do not seem to be rubber. #1.

I fear the worst.

:doh: They still use the stacked plate heat exchanger on the 6. Your problem may simply be a loose or damaged cap not keeping coolant where it needs to be. The report can identify oil, transmission fluid or other contaminants in the coolant.

Not only engine oil from a blown head gasket, or an intake manifold leak, but transmission fluid from a leak in the cooler in the radiator. A broken or damaged head gasket is the prime cause of oil getting in the coolant.

I popped the cap off and noticed a ring of black stuff.

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Also mixing different types of antifreeze can. To seal the radiator, tighten the radiator cap.

I had the same issue few years ago; found a black mush instead of coolant and was afraid that head gasket had given up. Dealer said that this is 'perfectly normal' but a flush would get rid of it for $260.

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or cup you'll see bubbles coming up.

But the issue is not BECAUSE of dexcool, rather, i believe it is the result of "normal" engine wear and simply not changing the dang coolant for the entire life of 200k miles and 13 years on this vehicle!.

Yes you probably have some iron after years running the same coolant but that is not at all waxy.

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RADIATOR CAP. Please excuse my crappy, quick cell phone pic. 2001 3500LT CCLB Dually 4X4. Low Coolant Level. My upper radiator hose is not hard or collapsed and I do not appear to be losing coolant. .

It appears to be just above the fluid line.

The one that seems to suffer the most is the one in the overflow itself. .

Apr 29, 2021 · Why is my coolant reservoir turning black? Black coolant can be caused by deterating radiator hoses, crud in the cooling system, and oil getting into the coolant.

You can also only add coolant into your car’s engine via the reservoir.

Once you have done that you need to put on the pressure tool.

The flakes are non metallic and do not seem to be rubber.